Radboud Centrum Sociale Wetenschappen

Postacademisch Onderwijs voor een Veerkrachtige Samenleving

De website van het Radboud Centrum Sociale Wetenschappen (RCSW) wordt verhuisd! Het merendeel van de informatie is vanaf heden beschikbaar op https://ru.nl/rcsw.

Sommige zaken (zoals de meeste formulieren) blijven nog een tijdje alleen beschikbaar op de oude website.

Onze excuses voor als je het gevoel krijgt heen-en-weer gestuurd te worden tussen de oude en de nieuwe website!

Blog van Roos de Huu

Artificial Intelligence and international development

In the ever-evolving landscape of international development, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is emerging as a transformative force, particularly in the humanitarian sector.

Kindness and Negotiation in the Digital Age

How to go about intercultural negotiating in the digital age? On June 9th, the Clingendeal institute gave a lecture for AMID 2023 students on online negotiation.

Stay Home. Don’t Vote. Save Democracy.

In the Netherlands, elections are due. The weeks leading up to voting day are truly a guilty pleasure. The polls, the gossiping, the awkward one liners, and of course the quarrels.

The Concept of Meritocracy in International Development

In 2020, the World Economic Forum (WEF) published its Global Social Mobility report titled “Equality, Opportunity and a New Economic Imperative”. In this report, they call for a new social mobility agenda based on meritocratic principles to tackle global inequality.

Sustainable International Development: the Case of Multistakeholder Partnerships

The world is increasingly striving towards more sustainable development. However, this is a multi-faceted and complex issue. Consequently, this necessitates sophisticated solutions and responses. Over the last decades, there is increasingly recognition for the importance of cross-sectoral collaboration. Cross-sector collaboration can be through governments, international organisations, NGOs, private sector, civil society and academia. Such collaborations are also referred to as a multi-stakeholder partnership (MSP).

The Amazon rainforest conservation agenda & the role of civil society

The trajectory of the Amazon forest conservation agenda and the role of
organized civil society in the process is explained, highlighting the underlying
socio-environmental conflicts among the main stakeholders and development

The Crowded Aid Sector: Competition for Means at The Expense of the Goal

On the 23rd and 24th of February the AMID trainees in the Netherlands and Kenya attended their first of four two-day physical training sessions of the AMID year, the Dutch trainees in Amsterdam and the Kenyan trainees in Nairobi. In Amsterdam, the students reflected on the most important developments that are taking place in the field of international development and were provided several lenses to recognize and understand the developments within the field through a lecture by Dr. Sara Kinsbergen. Highlighted in this lecture were the (1) rise of new development goals, (2) rise of new actors in the development arena and (3) new financing instruments. When talking about new actors, a few students entered into an interesting discussion about competition in the NGO sector and how there is competition for funding. An interesting topic to shine some more light on in this blog.

Shift the Power - Tackling Unequal Power Relations in Development through Participation

The development sector has traditionally been characterized by asymmetrical power relations between the Global North and Global South, shaped by a long history of colonialism. Development discourse is further exacerbating these power inequalities by framing the Global South as a “passive recipient” of aid instead of an active change agent.


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