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Obituary prof. dr. Franz Mönks

Last night Franz Mönks passed away at the age of 87. Prof. dr. Franz Mönks (1932) was the founder of the ECHA training in Nijmegen, which was the precursor of the Radboud International Training on High Ability (RITHA). Being the President of the European Council of High Ability (ECHA), Franz Mönks started the ECHA training in 1992, after he realized that most teachers were unequipped to offer the right education and care to students with characteristics of giftedness. A lot has changed. Thanks to Franz Mönks, people were inspired to work with gifted people. Many teachers and psychologists completed the ECHA training and can call themselves ECHA Specialist in Gifted Education. In schools, there is more knowledge about what is necessary to give the right education and care to people with characteristics of giftedness and our government supports projects for gifted education.


Inspired by his ideas and grateful for the many things Franz did for research and practice in gifted education we will continue his work.