There to improve: Urbanisation in the Shadow of the Formal System

In Arabic, the word urbanisation is normally translated with tahdeer, which more literally means to make things better and stems from the word hadara, meaning civilization.

When will we ever learn - A bouquet of barriers to knowledge management

How can flowers help you reflect on the barriers of learning and knowledge management? Our AMIDs will show how a bouquet of flowers will help you to keep on learning, reflect, and have fun.

The AMID Papers

A new edition of the AMID papers! The Advanced Master in International Development's Official Newsletter, with news on why people donate to charity, using evidence-based decision making, why people give to the 'wrong' causes, and effective giving and its limitations. A stellar edition!

Theory of Change: is this the new and better way to manage impact?

Impact. Planned, unplanned, positive or negative, it is a concern of any organization or actor that aims to make the world a better place.