Congratulations to AMID 2018!

At AMID, we will remember Friday 18 January 2019, as the day we said goodbye to an awesome group of AMIDs. The ceremony celebrated them in all their diverstiy: the activists, the witty ones, analysts, silent forces, diplomats, the socialites and, last but not least, the lovers. They made us all remember what a great year we had, and what a great group of talented and ambitious young talents we have sent into the world.

Next to the presentation of the Advanced Master International Development band, the laudatio's and a video that celebrated all the fun moments in the year, Shahzad Memon delivered a speech on behalf of the AMID 2018 group. Below, you can read the text.

First, from the AMID team, thank you for all the hard work and good memories, and nothing but the best to you all!

Speech Shahzad Memon for AMID 2018

Respected Faculty Members and Supervisors, Honourable Parents and Family Members and of course, my lovely AMID classmates. A very good evening to all of you.

Advanced Masters in international development? More like Advanced Masters in “questioning” development. I am very honored that I have been given this opportunity to stand and speak in front of you. For my speech, with the limited amount of time I have, I’d like to highlight and elaborate on three key messages.

First one is ‘Success’. I want you all to take a step back and pat yourselves on the back because today marks the official moment for all of us making it through. We have all gathered here to celebrate success, celebrate an achievement, an accomplishment, a milestone. We started a year ago at this university with some of us having some clarity and some of us with no clarity whatsoever as to what this year was going to entail, but we got through it, and we got through it with flying colors. Do not forget those who are here for you today, who have stood by you and whom you’ve learned something from.  

The second thing I’d like to mention is the importance of ‘Hard work’. There is no alternative to working hard. Muhammad Alis of the world, Nelson Mandelas of the world, Steve Jobs of the world, Sir Martin Luther Kings of the world – these are people who had a vision and they worked extremely hard for what they believed in, and in doing so they inspired generations and will continue to do so. I was listening to a podcast a few years ago and the person amazingly explained the concept of hard work. He said, “if you go underwater for merely two or three minutes – there will come a moment when all you’d want to do is get out and breathe. You will forget all your sorrows, all your joys, all the hard work that you have done because, during that moment, you would only want to get out and breathe”. He further added, “If you want to succeed as hard as you’d want to breathe during that moment, and are willing to work hard for it – that is when you will achieve greatness. And believe me, when I say, every single one of you has the potential to achieve greatness.

The third thing I’d like to mention is ‘Privilege’. Let us acknowledge the fact that we were all born privileged. We, better than anyone, understand that there are people in this world who have little or nothing compared to what we have, compared to the privileges that we have had since we were born. Let’s not take that privilege for granted. I repeat - let us not take that privilege that we were born into for granted. Let us not take this opportunity for granted, and ladies and gentlemen, last but not least, let us not take this very moment for granted.

That’d be all, thanks for listening!