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RITHA module Creativity

Would you like to develop your knowledge and skills needed to help high-ability students maximize their creative potential?

This course focuses on developing and applying knowledge of the four core elements of creativity – the so-called RISE Framework – in the context of gifted education. You will learn about the impact of these elements on classroom creativity, and will develop the ability to recognize, assess and develop each of these elements in your students. This course provides you with a foundation to support teaching both for and with creativity. 

What will you get out of the module?

As a result of undertaking this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the elements of the RISE Framework of creative education
  • Explain the role and characteristics of the elements of the RISE Framework in the development of individual student creativity
  • Apply knowledge of the RISE Framework to the assessment and development of individual student creativity

The module is for

Are you ECHA Specialist, RITHA Practitioner, RITHA Specialist or did you follow only 'Theoretische inleiding' of ECHA or 'Lesgeven en begeleiden' of RITHA? Then this course might be the perfect fit for you.


ECHA and RITHA alumni will receive a discount of 10 percent. 


The studyload contains 56 hours, including 26 hours of self-study, 10 hours of assignments, 12 hours of online learning and 8 hours of final product.

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