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Join the AMID Winter Webinar on March 9: Global Citizenship and Public Support for International Development

On March 9, from 16:00 til 17:15, join the AMID Winter Webinar: Global Citizenship and Public Support for International Development.

Reaching the SDGs worldwide requires the active involvement of all citizen. This means that we are all called upon to act as global citizens, trying to contribute to reaching these SDGS both in our own countries as well as in others. However, investing in global citizenship and public support is no longer a prominent aspect of the Dutch development agenda. Since the end of the 2000s, strengthening public support and global citizenship has largely disappeared from the agenda of both governments’ and civil society organisations. In contrast, Belgium is praised for a much more active stand in the matter. What does this bring them and what can we learn from them? Is it a problem that public support receives less attention in the Netherlands? And if so, how do we turn it around – and can the coming elections play a part in this?

In this webinar we explore these, and other questions with four guests. Sara Kinsbergen (assistant professor CAOS and program director AMID, Radboud University), shares her analyses of global citizenship and public support in the Netherlands from 1980 until 2020. Afterwards, Jan Verschueren, coordinator of Kruit, the governmental program on Global Citizenship Education (GCED), implemented by Enabel (Belgian Development Agency) shares the Belgium perspective on the matter. Then, guests from the political playing field (TBA), and Koos de Bruijn, manager lobby & advocacy at Partos, discuss why global citizenship and public support have disappeared from the Dutch international development agenda, if it should be brought back and if so, how. Lau Schulpen, senior lecturer and researcher at CAOS, Radboud University, will moderate this webinar.

You can sign up for this webinar through this link.